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Why stretching before exercise could be a total waste of time (and may make it even more likely you'll suffer an injury) | Mail on Sunday

03 March 2019

Why sit-ups are the one exercise you should NEVER do (so perhaps try the plank instead?) | Daily Mail

19 Jan 2019

Beat Your Back Pain - Stop Relying on Pain Pills | This Morning

27 Jul 2017

Britain's top back specialist Garry Trainer shares some tips on the gadgets you can use to help strengthen your back and the exercises that can help relieve chronic pain without the use of drugs.

Latex mattresses, giant rubber balls, even a spine vibrator – an expert reveals the gadgets that really will get you ... back in action | Daily Mail

06 Nov 2010

Sciatica, the 21st Century scourge: 60 per cent of new back patients suffer from this painful condition says expert | Daily Mail

22 May 2010

Don't carry such a burden on your shoulders | Daily Mail

13 Dec 2008

Wonky hips caused Atomic Kitten's Liz ten years of pain... the answer was one hour of osteopathy | Daily Mail

23 Nov 2008

How you can stay flexible by stretching your mind ... and body | Daily Mail

06 Sep 2008

Why flat-screen TVs are dangerous but frozen peas are a cooling treat | Daily Mail

03 May 2008

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